Situated in Chile, our vineyards are to be found in the most varied valleys. Their mild Mediterranean climate is excellent for the production of the best wines, which are famous around the world for their quality. These vineyards are the source of the fruit with which we make our Chilcas wines, so managing to capture the best of Chile’s different terroirs.

Casablanca Valley

Tapihue Vineyard

Casablanca is perhaps the most well-known cold-climate valley in Chile, famous for the production of white varieties and Pinot Noir. It is located 80 km to the northeast of Santiago, a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

Colchagua Valley

Nilahue Vineyard

The Colchagua Valley has witnessed the impressive development that has taken place in Chilean vine-growing in recent decades, giving it worldwide recognition now as a wine appellation of world class in red varieties.

Curicó Valley

Los Niches Vineyard

This valley is located 195 km south of Santiago. It is known as being one of Chile’s most traditional vine-growing areas, and is characterised by its gently sloping hillsides, ideal for growing vines.

Maule Valley

San Rafael Vineyard

The Maule Valley is situated 260 km south of Santiago. It is held to be the valley with most grape-growing and wine-making tradition, with a concentration of 43% of the total grown in the country. It also has the greatest geographical diversity.